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Log into the Kroger member portal to access your benefits account using

Yourkrogerbenefits-The Kroger company is the American supermarket chain offers very competitive health benefits to its associates and their families. is the online portal in which its associates and their families, as well as its retirees, can access information about the benefits available to them.

 That is a website where the Kroger associates as well as their family members and Kroger retirees, can log in, and access information relating to their health benefits and other types of benefits available to them.

That is also a site where the Kroger associates can register new family members for the health benefits etc, among other things.

Kroger Health Benefits Registration Process

  • Go to the page where you can register for
  • Click on the “register your account to access” option at below.
  • Insert your “Username” and “Password”
  • Insert your personal information such as your name, year of birth, Email Id, and Last 4 digits of SSN.
  • For your safety and security of Kroger benefits account, you must type your secret question and answer.
  • Select on the “Register” option.

Kroger Benefits Login @


  • Go the website, and check the Kroger benefits login
  • There, you see, the “Select One” option is available. Select any one option by drop-down button.
  • Now, you are on the login page so just insert your “Username” and “Password”
  • Click on the “Submit” button.

Your Kroger Benefits Programs 

YourKrogerBenefits-Key Health Benefits and Programs Include:

  • Health savings account.
  • Preferred provider organization.
  • Paid vacation Leave.
  • Each Kroger medical plan covers in-network preservative care a hundred percent.
  • Earn incentives by Kroger health screening targets.
  • Medicines coverage is included.
  • Vision plan.
  • Insured quality care and good value that targets the price for medicines and centers of excellence.
  • Two different dental plans – premiere and standard.
  • Health care flexible spending account (FSA).
  • Health resources to support your health regardless of a diagnosis or specific healthcare condition.
  • MetLife has partnered with Kroger to provide insurance options with special group savings.

Kroger Money Benefits

YourKrogerBenefits offers a 401(k) retirement savings account or RSA that helps you build savings for retirement.

With the Kroger stock exchange, you can share Kroger success and devote as little as three dollars a week to buy Kroger stock.

Life insurance and personal accident insurance is also another benefit that Kroger offers.

Short-term disability coverage is provided at no cost to eligible associates and provides replacement income for Associates are unable to work because of an injury, illness or pregnancy.

Dependent care flexible spending accounts are also available that permit you to put aside pretax dollars for eligible expenses.

This fund can be used as an account for expenses of children under the age of 13 or dependence who are incapable to take care of themselves. 


The advantage of Kroger can be taken very easily. You just need to access their website for this purpose. There will be no complications in it, the process will be understood by you very easily.

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