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What is MyLifeatKroger?

MyLifeAtKroger account at My Life At Kroger Online portal allows the current Kroger associates, retired employees and their partner to log into their account and access your Total Rewards and Kroger Benefits.

Kroger store chain considers its employees the most valuable asset and so, Kroger offers Total Rewards or Kroger Benefits to the Kroger employees/associates and their partners.

Kroger states that we care about our associates, and strive to offer meaningful, personalized benefits while helping individuals, families and communities thrive today and in the future.

My Life at Kroger account at allows the employees and their partners to get access to everything you need to know about your Total Rewards.

The Current Kroger Associate, Spouse or Partner of associate, Retiree Employee, Severance (one who wants dismissal or discharge from employment) and COBRA participants can access their My Life at Kroger account and get access to everything about your Total Rewards from your smartphone or computer or tablet.

MyLifeatKroger Login @

  • Step- 1. Visit #My Life at Kroger website at
  • Step- 2. Select the appropriate option that fits you from the available options
    • Current Associate (If you are a current associate and select the option then the new page will appear where you have to enter the Enterprise ID and password to log into your account).
    • Spouse or Domestic Partner (Once selected, enter User Name and Password and log into your account).
    • Retiree
    • Severance
    • COBRA (enroll at
  • Step- 3. You will be directed to another page as you select any of the option available. Enter the User Name and Password and log into your account.

Once you enter the information, if the information you have entered is correct then you will be directed to your My Life @ Kroger account where you can get access to YourKrogerBenefits or Total Rewards.

Register MyLifeatKroger account

If you do not have an online account in the MyLife at Kroger portal then you can simply register or enroll for a new account. But the user must have the following details to register for a new account.

  • Social Security Number
  • Email Address
  • Date of Birth and other personal details

Visit site, enter the required details as instructed, and register for a new online account instantly.

For any questions about your COBRA coverage, please contact 1-877-292-6272


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