Citibank Cards Activation At

By | January 22, 2019

Citibank card Activation is the process to activate your Citibank credit card,debit card and master card online and over a phone call.You can activate your citibank creditcard/debit card at these two url’s and

In this article I am also going to show Citibank Credit Card PIN Generation.

Now you have to focus on the details and steps given in brief to Activate Citibank Credit Card.There are two ways to Activate citibank cedit/debit card.

  1. Citibank Cards Activation Online 
  2. Citibank Cards Activation Over A Phone Call.

Citi Cards Activation Online

If you want to activate Citibank creditcard, You need to follow the steps.You must have interaction between mobile and internet.


  • Go to The Url at
  • Enter Your Card number.For Some Security Reason don’t use public or shared computer.Click on Continue.
  • Enter your Security Code.
  • Last 4 Digit Of your Social Security Number or you can enter Employee ID Instead.
  • Click On continue.
  • Configure your card & Enter your PIN Twice.
  • Congratulations!!! You have successfully activated you Citibank credit card online.
  • Your card will be activated soon.

Activate Citibank Credit Card Over A Phone Call

If you have any internet connection interrupt and have trouble to activate citi card activation online, you can activate it over phone call.

  • Dial a phone number 1-860-210-2484..
  • Select your language which is suitable for you.
  • You can give your card details to verify.
  • Congrates Your card will be activated soon!!!

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