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Canadian Tire Credit Card Activation

IF you are a Canadian Tire Credit Card Holder, You just need to read info about Activate Your Canadian Tire Credit Card or Canadian Tire MasterCard Activation, You just need to read the information about Canadian Tire Activation at wanna use it but not have an idea about to activate your card.

Canadian Tire MasterCard Provides Rewards Points.

There are two ways to activate your Canadian Tire Credit Card. In case you have an internet connection, You can activate by simply providing details of your card on the online portal. You can activate it when you do not have an internet connection using a phone call.

  1. Canadian Tire Card Activation Online
  2. Canadian Tire MasterCard Activation Over a Phone Call

How To Activate Canadian Tire Credit Card At

Read the following steps to activate your credit card. It’s a very easy task to do online. You need to just perform these steps.

canadian tire cards activation

  1. Goto
  2. Enter Your Canadian tire credit Card number and 3 digit security code which is behind your card and click on continue.
  3. Enter your Personal identification information in such As name Address, Phone number and And SSN.
  4. Create You PIN Number If you do not have or don’t know it.
  5. That’s Done!!! Your Canadian Tire credit card will activate ASAP.

How To Canadian Tire MasterCard Activation Over A Phone Call?

In case, If you do not have an internet connection and you want to activate your Canadian tire master card, You can activate it using the phone call.

  • North America:
  • OutSide North America:905) 735-7256
  1. You can call Canadian Tire Customer Service at .1-800-459-6415
  2. Provide further information related to your Credit card and all bank account information to activate your card.
  3. Your card will be activated as soon as possible after verification of your bank details to the representatives.

You can also activate your credit card using Canadian tire app.See the video given below.

Hope you will like this post about Canadian Tire Activation at and it really helps you. All the details are genuine.

CTFS Customer Service

You can call at 1-800-459-6415 In case of any issue related to your credit card.


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