Activate NAB Card @

Activate NAB Card @

The National Australia Bank, NAB offers NAB Credit Card Activation that allows NAB clients to enjoy plenty of additional rewards on their transactions.

So, if you’re a fresh NAB Card Cardholder, then please Activate NAB Card at here and enjoy different rewards on your transactions.

Here is a simple guide to finishing your NAB Credit Card Activation Process online. You can also Activate your NAB Credit Card over the phone call, via mobile app and NAB Credit Card Activation via SMS.

So, check the following simple steps for different NAB Card Activation Process and enjoy plenty of additional features on your transactions.

What Benefits of NAB Credit Card Activation

The National Australia Bank, NAB offers numbers on additions rewards and bonuses on your transaction when you use the card service. Using a NAB Credit Card or debit card, you can earn cash back, credit points, rewards, discounts, and so many other features.

nab card activation

So, if you have got a new credit or debit card from the NAB, then Activate your NAB Credit Card with simple NAB Credit Card Activation steps here.

What’s Required to Activate NAB Credit Card?

To activate a new card from the NAB, you need to have the following:

  • An online account with National Australia Bank with genuine account ID and Password.
  • Your card with its details
  • Your personal details.
  • A registered number, linked with the account.
  • Some personal details for the verification.

How to Activate NAB Credit Card? NAB Card Activation Methods

You have the following two options to Activate NAB Card.

You can Activate your NAB Credit Card

  • By using the NAB mobile app
  • Activate NAB Credit Card online
  • Activate NAB Credit Card via SMS/Phone Call
  • Activate NAB Credit Card by visiting the branch of NAB.

How to Activate NAB Credit Card via mobile app? 

  • Download the NAB mobile app from the play store/App Store.
  • Log in and click on my card menu option.
  • Next, click on Activation option
  • Follow the instructions to activate your NAB Card and Set your pin number.

How to Activate NAB Credit Card via Internet banking or online?

nab card activation

  • Select “personal category”-> “Credit Card option”.

nab card activation

  • Then, select the option “Manage your credit card” and sign up for your credit card.
  • Then after, you can change your temporality pin.
  • You should set up NAB online banking.
  • Now your NAB Credit card has been activated.

How to Activate NAB Credit Card through phone call

Call to the NAB hotline number 13 22 65 and follow the instructions to finish your NAB Card Activation over the phone call.

How to Activate NAB Credit Card via SMS?

  • Type NAB ID (back of card) plus the last eight digits of your card leaving a space in between on your registered number.
  • Send this SMS to +61 438 344 818 to Activate NAB Credit Card via SMS

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